Brassavola David Sander

Brassavola David Sander 'Carney'
Brassavola David Sander 'Carney'

This is one of my favorite orchids. It is now known as a Rhyncovola but I prefer the more commonly used older name. I remember seeing a photo of it in one of the first beginner orchid books I bought and being immediately captivated by the flower. This orchid, in the cattleya alliance, has a large elegant, almost ghostly flower, with a striking fimbriated lip. The flower is white, but the back of the sepals have a dark pink pigment so when the light shines through them they can appear pinkish.

I purchased this division several years ago and it took about 3 years before it bloomed! Since then it has bloomed regularly putting out more flowers every year so it was well worth the wait.So if you have one, it may need to put on a good number of growths in order to bloom.

The plant blooms in the summer, and thrives in bright light and humidity. Learn more about how to grow Brassavola David Sanders.

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