Kohleria ‘Manchu’ flowering…in water

Kohleria Manchu is in the same family as African violets, the Gesneriads. These plants produce brilliantly spotted flowers above fuzzy green foliage. While plants can get quite leggy and large, this miniature vase of ‘living’ Kohleria flowers has been blooming in this tiny vase(about 5″ high) for months! It can be placed and enjoyed anyone there is good light and takes up very little room. Here’s how we did it.

Kohleria 'Manchu' flowering in water
Kohleria 'Manchu' flowering in water

When our larger plant comes into bloom, we simply snipped off a few flowering stems with both buds and flowered. Placed in the vase with water, we found that the plants will root and keep blooming as if nothing has happened.

The stems will keep producing flowers over several months, with only the occasional few drops of liquid flowering plant fertilizer to keep them happy. And of course a bright spot by the window or under lights will keep the flowers coming.

Kohleria 'Manchu' close-up
Kohleria 'Manchu' close-up
Eventually, they will be done blooming and the water will get clogged up with little rhizomes snaking their way up to the surface. At this point its best to plant your cuttings in soil, to grow as a regular container house plant.

In another post, I’ll share some photos of the mother plant from which these cuttings were taken, and some tips on growing Kohlerias which are not as difficult to grow as they might look!

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  1. A beautiful plant that gives so much color and takes so little space. Your method of keeping the plant flowering is very interesting and apparently very effective. I will have to give one a try.

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