Compact Cattleyas make great house plants

Potinara Lisa Taylor Gallis "Nora'

Compact cattleya orchids, have all the appeal of standard cattleya, they’re just smaller and more manageable. They can bloom in a 3.5″ pot and generally stay under a foot tall. Plants can get large as they put out new growths, but can be kept manageable by dividing every two to three years.

Many, like the Potinara Lisa Taylor Gallis ‘Nora’ pictured here will also bloom twice a year. This plant bloomed in spring and now has two flowers an a bud(on another growth) six months later! These plants can be grown on a sunny window sill with southern exposure, or under lights.

Potinara Lisa Taylor Gallis "Nora'

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  1. @Barbara, I’m not sure what the tiny black spots are but if they are just markings on the leaves, and are not growing, rotting or creating necrotic areas, then you should be fine. Is this an oncidium-type orchid? If so, they seem to get small black spots on their leaves. To answer your second question, yes you can grow cattleyas without a greenhouse, though you may do better with compact varieties. I grew the orchid show here indoors. You may find this link helpful:

  2. What has happened to my orchids with tiny dark specks on the back of the leaves?. I just bought this one and do not want to put it with the others until I think it is OK. I would like to grow cattleya again but out of a green house. Is this possible? Where can I buy them?

  3. Clones of ‘H&R’ and ‘Nora’ are available from H&R
    ‘Taylor’ is availabe through Woodland Orchids in Charlotte

  4. I got this at our local meeting. However, I’m told that the ‘Nora’ clone is from H&R Orchids in Hawaii so you may want to contact them.

  5. hi,can you please tell me where i can buy a orchid you have on this page,i live in fla,or wher i can send for one.

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