Bonsai Dendrobium


Dendrobium neomorale blooms
Dendrobium neomorale blooms!

I purchased this dendrobium orchid  at our local orchid society meet from a visiting speaker who grew them in Texas. This orchid comes from the Philippines where it likes the heat.

I was struck but the architectural beauty of the plant and its bonsai like appearance.  So  after it had  been growing in its pot for a few months, I slipped it into a bonsai pot.  The plant was growing in sphagnum but knowing that these cane-stemmed dendrobium often a appreciate a good drying it out, I potted it in clay aggregate while leaving the root ball intact within the sphagnum.

The plant has grown well and blooms every spring after the cooler night of winter. The tallest growth is about 18 inches tall. The tiny flowers last from 1-2 months! They have the texture of plastic and appear in pairs, hanging ‘upside down’. In nature, the plant would be growing on a tree with the long stems hanging meandering  down. The flowers, thus, would be the right way up.  This is one orchid that is very attractive even when not in bloom. As you cannot see, the plant has been very carefully staked to keep the growths more upright. There were twice as many blooms as shown in the photo below–I just waited too long to photograph it!

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